Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Today in History

If you were to search to see what happened today in history you would discover that Joan of Arc was martyred on this date.   And if you were interested in finding out more, as a Waggoner Library patron and after you logged in you could stream the video Joan of Arc: Maid of Orleans online.  Films on Demand, part of the Waggoner Library collection, contains over 7,000 full-length titles in the humanities, social sciences, business, economics, health, medicine, science and mathematics. Something for everyone!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The History of Memorial Day

Ever wonder why we celebrate the last Monday in May with parades, picnics, and ceremonies to honor those who have given their lives in military service to our country?
The practice began shortly after the Civil War as many towns and cities designated a day to decorate the graves of their fallen soldiers.  In fact, several cities claim to be the birthplace of Memorial Day, including Columbus, MS, Macon, GA, Boalsburg, PA, Carbondale, IL, and Richmond, VA.  In 1966, Waterloo, New York was designated as the official birthplace of Memorial Day, because it had celebrated with an official city-wide event since May 5, 1866. 

In 1868, General John Logan of the Grand Army of the Republic, declared that May 30 would be a day to celebrate the sacrifices of Civil War soldier.  The Grand Army of the Republic was an organization for former soldiers and sailors.  President James Garfield spoke at Arlington National Cemetery during the first celebration of Decoration Day. 

Memorial Day became a federal holiday in 1971, but most states had declared it a state holiday much earlier.  While northern and southern cities celebrated “Decoration Day” as a commemoration of those who died in the Civil War, and celebrated at different times of the year, after World War I most celebrations evolved into a commemoration of those who had died serving America in all wars.

If you would like to know more about how holidays originated, and how they are celebrated around the world, simply do a keyword search for “holidays” in the library catalog .  You’ll find a number of books that can increase your knowledge about holidays around the world.

Meanwhile, take some time this Memorial Day to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Waggoner Library is pleased to feature one of Trevecca's faculty members who recently received his doctorate.  Dr. Jeffrey Frame received his Ph.D. in English from Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU).  The title of his dissertation is Reinventing the reel: the 'Omnis' text in nonlinear film discourse.  Dr. Frame is a professor in the Communication Studies department and has taught at Trevecca since 1990.   He has been recognized several years in our annual Trevecca Authors celebration.  His most recent publication is a chapter titled "Four-dimensionalism in LOST" in the book LOST thought: leading thinkers discuss LOST.  Click here to access the record for this book in our catalog.   We congratulate Dr. Frame on his wonderful achievement!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Officers and cadets from The Salvation Army have been on campus this week for an intensive week of classes offered each summer through Trevecca’s Christian Ministry Program. The program is a collaborative arrangement between Trevecca and The Salvation Army Southern Territory to offer continuing education and baccalaureate credit to Salvationists with the goal of developing their mission, leadership, and ministry skills. In this sense the Christian Ministry Program seeks to partner with The Salvation Army's mission: "To encourage life-long learning by providing the Southern Territory with educational support for its officers, soldiers, employees, and volunteers."

Waggoner Library supports the Christian Ministry Program by providing resources for students enrolled in the classes, but the library also has books available for checkout about the history, ministry, and organizational structure of The Salvation Army. Click here to search the library catalog.

Monday, May 14, 2012

JSTOR has announced three of their most recent enhancements aimed at improving access to their collections. Listed below are the most recent enhancements:

Institution Finder
This tool gives users who have not yet logged in to JSTOR the ability to locate their institution from a list on the JSTOR website, log in to their host institution, and be returned to the page they started on at JSTOR.
Register & Read Beta
Register & Read is a new, experimental program to offer free, read-online access to individual scholars and researchers who register for a MyJSTOR account. Launched in March, Register & Read includes a subset of the content on JSTOR–currently 75 titles from more than 40 publishers.

Early Journal Content
Early Journal Content is available for use by anyone, without registration and regardless of institutional affiliation. Making this Early Journal Content freely available is part of an ongoing work to expand access to content on JSTOR, particularly for individuals who are not affiliated with academic institutions or libraries.
Waggoner Library has full access to all these features. The link to our JSTOR collections is accessible through the Electronic Resources page.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Trevecca is offering an expanded schedule of online summer classes. Beginning May 14, students can earn general education credits during the summer months—wherever they spend the summer break. Students could complete three courses, taking one course per session, provided they successfully complete their first online course. The Office of the Provost announced the addition of these courses and added a special introductory offer—discounted tuition! Traditional Trevecca undergraduates, MHR students, Salvation Army students, and students from other Nazarene institutions and in a few other general categories will receive a 46% discount ($244), making the actual cost $287 a credit hour. The published tuition for summer online courses is $531 a credit hour.

Waggoner Library is present in the online courses providing research help and lots of resources needed to complete the coursework.  Checkout our resources here

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Student Assistant of the Year

Waggoner Library has awesome student workers! They help keep things running smoothly throughout the year by providing services such as checking out materials to patrons, opening and closing the different parts of the library, and providing customer service. They are an invaluable part of the Waggoner Library team!

Each year the student workers vote to select from amongst themselves a Student Assistant of the Year to be recognized in awards chapel. This year our winner is junior Carissa Lin. Carissa has worked for us at the library for 2 years and is a favorite with the staff, our patrons, and obviously her co-workers. Congratulations to Carissa and thank you to ALL of our amazing student workers!