Monday, October 24, 2016

Keeping with the audiobook theme Linda Flanagan writes about reading literacy and audiobooks in her recent blog post entitled How Audiobooks can Help Kids who Struggle with Reading posted on Mind/Shift Oct. 23, 2016. Flanagan reports that "Research underscores the link between listening and literacy. Work by Betty Hart and Todd Risley found that the vocabularies of three-year-olds were predictive of their language and reading skills at age ten. Studies carried out at Stanford showed a gap in vocabularies between children of the well-off and those with lower socioeconomic status is apparent in children as young as 18 months. And professor Nina Kraus at Northwestern University, who explores the complexity of sound processing in the brain, has found that a variety of factors, including income level and a mother’s education, play a role in how well children process sound—which in turn affects reading ability." Read the full article here

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Audiobooks making a comeback!

Jocelyn McClurg writes in an online article from USA Today that "Audiobooks are finding a new audience, as listeners discover the ease and portability of downloading recorded versions of books onto their smartphones.

Once known as books on tape (and before that, books on vinyl), audiobooks — from unabridged, 50-hour-long literary classics to current best sellers — are seeing dramatic growth thanks to the digital revolution. They are still a sliver of the overall publishing pie, but the slice keeps getting bigger.

Celebrity narrators such as Helen Mirren (Beatrix Potter), Nick Offerman (The Adventures of Tom Sawyer) and Amy Schumer (reading her memoir The Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo) are raising the genre’s profile, as well." Read full story here

Waggoner Library has a small collection of audio books. To find these, start at the library homepage, choose Advanced Search on the right side menu. Enter your topic and then choose 'Audio Book' from the Material Type list. Finally click submit. Suggestions for new titles can be made here.